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1/29/2023 updates

Compile to Prisma to get lots of free stuff (schema migrations for popular SQL databases) under the hood. Then, TypeScript infer a Kysely client for better portability (and running on edge runtimes). We can likely replicate a significant portion of Prisma’s API on top of Kysely.

API I’m leaning towards:

import { zodma, table } from 'zodma';
import { z } from 'zod'

// Example DDL for next-auth
const { db } = zodma
    databaseUrl: "postgres://localhost:5432",
    account: table
        id: z.string().uuid().primaryKey(),
        userId: z.string().unique(),
        type: z.string(),
        provider: z.string(),
        providerAccountId: z.string(),
        refresh_token: z.string().optional(),
        access_token: z.string().optional(),
        expires_at: z.number().optional(),
        token_type: z.string().optional(),
        scope: z.string().optional(),
        id_token: z.string().optional(),
        session_state: z.string().optional(),
      .unique(["provider", "providerAccountId"]),
    session: table.columns({
      id: z.string().uuid().primaryKey(),
      sessionToken: z.string().unique(),
      userId: z.string(),
      expires: z.string(),
    user: table.columns({
      id: z.string().uuid().primaryKey(),
      name: z.string(),
      email: z.string().optional().unique(),
      image: z.string().optional(),
    verificationToken: table
        identifier: z.string(),
        token: z.string().unique(),
      .unique(["identifier", "token"]),

// querying with db (kysely wrapper)
db.selectFrom("user").where("id", "=", "213").execute()

// schema validation (zod)
const unsafeAccount = ...
const account = db.account.parse(unsafeAccount)


Prisma has a pretty good developer experience. But behind the scenes, you’ve wrestled with monorepos, generated a thicc prisma client, and learned a custom dsl. Eventually, you’ll find out that your vercel deployments have mind-numbingly slow cold starts since you don’t have any users.

I think I can make a better ORM with these goals in mind.


how to improve prisma

improvements on edgedb

edgedb is more feature-rich than prisma (eg. you can declare views, functions, CTEs, and a lot more using EdgeQL), but this means that edgedb’s implementation depends heavily on postgres.

Colin, the creator of Zod (who now works at edgedb) has briefly explored this idea:

His main critique is that Zod is not expressive enough, but I think that you could make something that is competitive with Prisma using Zod’s API along with Kysely’s TypeScript magic.

Regardless, EdgeDB lack’s Prisma’s switch off story. Choosing EdgeDB means that you’re hard-locked in to Postgres. This fact alone makes me think that there’s room for another ORM that provides the flexibility that Prisma affords you while having better design throughout.

Prisma gave us a taste of seamless TypeScript DX, but it brought with it a baggage of poor design and questionable workarounds. EdgeQL teases the future of type-safe SQL, but by reinventing the database, can’t play well with all existing databases(looking at you mysql/planetscale).

hypothetical syntax

export const schema = l.schema({

export const db = createClient<typeof schema>()

similar to convex’s schema definition

import { defineSchema, defineTable, s } from "convex/schema";

export default defineSchema({
  channels: defineTable({
    name: s.string(),
  messages: defineTable({
    author: s.string(),
    body: s.string(),