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inspiration is fleeting. writing is hard. i’m looking for tools that minimize the time from thought to “i can start typing and words appear on my screen”. right now this is basically apple notes.

two primary metrics i want to optimize are 1) time to start typing and 2) time to publish on the internet

notion: O(11,000ms)


apple notes: O(3,500ms)

twitter: O(6,000ms)

google docs: O(6,000ms)

replit O(70,000ms):

why did i write this up? i want to make a note taking app that replaces apple notes. i want something simple that launches fast (like apple notes). i also want multiplayer (google docs), and it should sync to indexeddb, a git repo, and a sqlite database. it should also be default live. i want my notes to be published on my personal blog as a type.

stuff i’m considering to use (from most likely to least):

i anticipate a lot of yak-shaving along the way:

the texting medium of writing

hypothesis: writers will have more output if the medium of their writing is texting